Value Preferences of Satire Themed Design for Toddlers


  • Diena Yudiarti School of Creative Industries, Product Design, Bandung, Indonesia


Many clothing manufacturers in Bandung offer innovation design to their customers either for adults or for toddlers. The innovations of design have spread into many thematic imaging, from the cute one until the extreme one. Each of thematic image has its own target markets, thus some thematic clothing companies have their own loyal customers. A company clothing offers satire theme for design innovation of the toddler's T-Shirt, which is delivered as a joke or gag although for some believe it has negative acceptances. This paper describe the pre-test of the research to examines the limitation acceptance of social value in Indonesia about the negativity of satire imaging which is used for toddler's T-Shirt design. Survey will be conducted to the young parents who have kids around 0-3 years old as the respondents in the continuations of the research. Preferences value of the T-Shirt design measured by conjoint analysis as in this paper combine the attributes in some satire designs to choose as expected results of the research. Also, this research conducted as for a clothing company interest only and not to judge the social value in Indonesia.