Visual Analysis of Ornament Kereta Paksi Naga Liman Cirebon


  • Martiyadi Nurhidayat Product Design, Faculty of Creative Industries, Telkom University, Indonesia
  • Yanuar Herlambang Product Design, Faculty of Creative Industries, Telkom University, Indonesia


Kereta Paksi Naga Liman has an aesthetic element. The element is applied into the Kereta Paksi Naga Liman in the form of symbolic carvings that support the aesthetics. The symbol in the form of liman/ elephant is applied by God of Ganesha symbolizing the Gods in Hinduism, God of wisdom, God of rejection/disaster, God of protector who has generous attitude; form of dragon symbolizing the ruler of water on the surface of the Earth, a garuda and eagle which symbolizes a Garuda bird of the trimurti or the manifestations of the form of God in Hinduism, ornament Kalamakara which symbolizes the purification to the Almighty, ornament of the lotus flower symbolizing body, mind and soul, the ornament of mega mendung symbolizes freshness to the environment, the ornament of wedasan which symbolizes the power that keep nature, and the trident that symbolizes the knowledge or maturity. So, from the ornament of the dragon, it has ethnic element representing the element of nature which has sacred value of Hindu and Confucian belief but the Sultan who rode the carriage has the belief system of Islam, the train that has acculturation of culture in the form of ornament and used since the demise of Cirebon Islam interpretation as a manifestation of religious tolerance.