Content Analysis Of Online News: Clash Of Indonesian Army Against Mobile Brigade In November 2014


  • Cherry Lenggogeni Telkom University
  • Iis Kurnia Nurhayati Telkom University
  • Ira Dwi Mayangsari Telkom University


 Detikcom is one of the leading online mass media in Indonesia with Detiknews as one of its AFP news portal. As the name implies,   news and information found on this portal are collected from various sources. In reporting the news, Detiknews  adopts  the  principle of  continuous reporting  that  is  delivering  the  news  in  an ongoing event including  in  broadcsating  the  clash  of  Indonesia  Army  against  the  Mobile  Brigade  in  November  2014.  It is interesting  to study how  Detiknews  packs  this  very sensitive  matter.This  study  was conducted to investgate the elements  and  composition  of  the  news    using  descriptive  quantitative  method  of content analysis to 50 news samples titled“Duh! El Clasico TNI AD vs Brimob†period of 19-30 of November 2014  .The  data  was  analyzed  using  the  Guidance  of  Reporting  on  Cyber  Media  that  is  devided  into  two  of operational variables : verification and balanced of news; and erratum, correction and right to answer. Guidance of Reporting on Cyber Media (PPMS) was applied by Board of Press as a code of ethic for cyber media and all matters that are involved in reporting online news. The result of this research shows that 72% of the news obeys the  Guidance  of  Reporting  on  Cyber  verification  reulation  and  94%  of  the  news  is  last  updated  with  no misprinting or correction regarding the issue.   

Keywords: Content Analysis, Online Journalism, PPMS, Code of Ethic, DetikNews