The Effect Of Supply Chain Management Practices (scmp) On Firm Performance Case Study Clothing Line In Bandung

Calvin Kurnia Alam, Ratih Hendayani


Clothing line is a part of the textile industry that produces fashion designs such as clothes, shirts, etc. In
addition, clothing lines have good market prospects, because clothing is a need that everyone needs to fulfill. Based
on data from BPS West Java in 2015, 102 famous clothing lines in Bandung were recorded in the SME category.
Clothing line is indeed a business field that has great opportunities in doing business, because many teenagers in
Indonesia are looking for fashion brands to Bandung through online and even come directly to their store. In this
study, a quantitative method is used which is supported by several variables in this study. There are four independent
variables, namely Customer Relationship Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Goal Congruence and
Information Sharing. Then there is the intervening variable, namely Supply Chain Performance and the dependent
variable, namely Firm Performance. In this research, the data collection process is by distributing questionnaires to
the Clothing Line in Bandung.
Keywords: Clothing Line, Firm Performance, Supply Chain Management.

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