Komunikasi Public Relations Dalam Implementasi Teknik Lobi Dan Negosiasi Pada Kegiatan Eksternal Telkom Foundation

Mohammad Fadhli Ikhsan, Sekar Arum Mandalia



Communication   is  an  important  thing  in  part  of  the  activities  of  Public Relations, if we deliver the message right and proper way based from integration and structurize communication. Lobby and negotiation technique is really needed by Public Relations division, by short according to Anwar (1997) lobby is a closure by informality in order to gain a support or a full agreement from the other side. Meanwhile according to  Roy  J.  Lewicki,  Bruce  Barry  and  Saunders  (Negotiation  Internal  Edition  Sixth Edition, 2010) negotiation is a closure by formality in order to make a way out or a deal spot between one idea with another idea ended by an agreement.

 These two techniques must to deliver by proper and structurize so the benefit of these techniques will be get by maximum, because of that in this research we will know how the benefit from communication implemented by lobby and negotiation technique in Public  Relations  Telkom  Foundation   division  with  an  event  of  work  visit  from commission I DPR-RI to Telkom University.

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