Assessment of Strategic Human Resource Interventions in Select Government Departments in West Bengal, India: Conceiving a Measurement Scale


  • Manodip Ray Chaudhuri Amity Business School Amity University Kolkata, India & Resource Person, CIMO Project, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Turku, Finland
  • Partha Naskar Department of Commerce & Management West Bengal State University, Barasat, Kolkata, India


With a prelude of literature on strategic human resource management, this paper highlights a research design for creating a measurement scale that can be used to understand the extent of applicability of HR interventions in the Government departments in West Bengal, an eastern state in India. Literature on the study hovers round on the key areas of strategic HR viz. applicability of strategic HR at work, leadership practices, relevance of business ethics, the optimistic flavor of motivational drives, the identifiable areas of employee engagement, elements of job satisfaction, and spirit of restructuring organizations. On this backdrop, four departments primarily allocated for service sector of the state economy namely Labour department; Commerce & Industries department; Health & Family Welfare department; Technical Education & Training department of the state of West Bengal have been considered for the present study. The research scale is formulated in the name of “Potential Assessment of Human Resource Interventions in Public Departments†i.e. “PAHRI – PD†scale has been initiated on the lines of five broad areas of strategic human resource interventions viz., employment, management and development, measurement and acknowledgement, building departmental culture and environment and nurturing of human resource in this paper. The study makes an attempt to conceive a measurement scale to measure applicability of strategic HR interventions in government departments of West Bengal in eastern India.