The Formulation Strategy Of Hotel Rumah Tawa, In Order To Enhancing The Competitive Advantages, Using Resource - Based View Approached

Mohammad Fariz Shidqi, Dodie Tricahyono


Objectives: This research aimed to identify the resources and capabilities owned by Rumah Tawa Hotel and to
design the solution of formulation for business development strategy at Rumah Tawa Hotel to increase the
competitive advantage especially on resources and capabilities owned by the hotel. This research is also useful
for relevant business activity units such as SMEs, to develop their business by maximizing their resources.
Design / Methodology / Approach: This research was designed to be a qualitative-descriptive research. In terms
of involvement, the researcher did not interfere data. In terms of analysis unit, the research was based on the
representatives of Rumah Tawa Hotel. The key-informant are the competent sources and understand the
condition of Rumah Tawa Hotel and hospitality industry.
Findings: The results of this research presented 16 resources and capabilities owned by Rumah Tawa Hotel, and
8 resources and capability required new strategies for further business development.
Originality / Score: This research provided the information for Rumah Tawa Hotel to get the internal and
external environment affected the hospitality business. Hence, the internal and external aspects would clearly
define the state of the hospitality business. In addition, this research would be a consideration for the Rumah
Tawa Hotel in formulating a competitive strategy to develop its business. Furthermore, this research would be
useful for Rumah Tawa Hotel to increase the competitive advantage to survive in the high-tensed competition
of hospitality business in the present and the future.

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