Workload Analysis For Improving Employee Motivation Case Study: PT Lintas Indonesia, Tbk.


  • Elisha Nathania School of Business and Management, ITB
  • Nur Arief Rahmatsyah Putranto School of Business and Management, ITB


In this era of globalization, communication is one of the most important thing. Communication can go through
internet and telephone and create an easier life. Telecommunications have a big impact on the world.
Telecommunication also has a big impact in Indonesia. Indonesians nowadays tend to rely on the easier way of
telecommunication and the usage of cellular phone is keep increasing year by year. It means that a
telecommunication company in Indonesia has a big chance to keep growing and developing their business. PT
Lintas Indonesia, Tbk. as one of the telecommunication company in Indonesia has a big opportunity to utilize
the current condition. Yet, there is an uneven workload distribution between employee and decreasing
motivation for several employee. This research objective is to conduct workload analysis to solve the uneven
workload distribution between employees. The research methodology used in this paper is work sampling with
direct observation where the researcher directly saw the company’s activity to provide an accurate data. The
result of the workload calculation shows that there is an uneven distribution of workload in PT. Lintas Indonesia,
Tbk. In order to prevent worse situation, there are some recommendations for the company that probably fit,
based on each employee current workload.