The Effect Of Company Reputation And Business Strategy On Company Performance Of Banking Industry In Indonesia


  • Tongam Lumban Tobing Doctoral Program in Management, Faculty of Economic and Business, Universitas Padjadjaran


The number of offices and assets of go public banking has increased, but their performance have grown unstable.
The condition is allegedly related to issues of business strategy and company reputation. So that, this study aims
to examine the influence of company reputation and business strategy on banking performance in Indonesia.
The research uses quantitative research approach on unit of analysis national banking that has go public. So the
population in this study is all national banks both government owned, private and foreign who have go public.
The process of observation is cross section / one shot, ie in 2017. Primary data is obtained through questionnaire
towards 43 go public banks conducted by a census. Analysis of causality to answer the purpose of research, using
Partial Least Square (PLS). The results show that the company's reputation and business strategy significantly
affect the performance of banking companies in Indonesia either simultaneously or partially. Partially, business
strategy is more dominant in affecting company performance than company reputation.