The Effect Of Organizational Environment On Knowledge Management And Organizational Culture And The Implications On Organizational Survival (A Survey Based On Leaders Perception At Private Higher Education In West Java Provience)


  • Nana Darna Student of Management Science Doctoral of Padjadjaran University and Lecturur of Galuh University
  • Ernie Tisnawati Sule Lecturer of Faculty of Economics and Business Padjadjaran University, Bandung
  • Maman Kusman Lecturer of Faculty of Economics and Business Indonesian Computer University
  • Y Yunizar Lecturer of Faculty of Economics and Business Padjadjaran University Bandung


The organizations that can not cope with environmental change, Then the organization will not survive and
sustainable in the long run. Changes occur due to demands and environmental conditions that will renew the
organisations situation as; Authority, work relations, division of duties, values and collective beliefs of members
of the organization. Organizational change will change organizational goals and will eventually prosecute
members of the organization for adjust their collective values and beliefs towards the intended change.
Organizational change will also demand a wider knowledge for the organization as an intellectual asset that can
encourage strong organizational survival.
There are several private higher education in West Java with closed status and in coaching, the developed and
not yet get research university in 2016. This is as a result of the demands of the organizational environment that
is not accompanied by the optimization of knowledge management and organizational culture
strengthening.The aim of these study was to describe the influence of organizational environment on
organizational survival through knowledge management and organizational culture gradually tested
quantitatively and continued with qualitative testing.
The research method used is survey method with mix method research approach with Sequential explanatory
strategy. There are two primary data types that are sourced from questionnaires for descriptive and quantitative
test and from interviews for qualitative test.
The results showed that the organizational environment is conducive to organizational sustainability through
the optimization of knowledge management and strengthening the organizational culture of private haigher
education in West Java province.