Implementation of Process Mining With Flexible Heuristics Miner Algorithm to Support Information System Audit


  • Aas Suhendar School of Computing, Telkom University Bandung
  • Gede Agung Ary Wisudiawan School of Computing, Telkom University Bandung
  • Anisa Herdiani School of Computing, Telkom University Bandung


COBIT 5 as an IT governance framework provides a Process Assessment Model (PAM) that is part of the
information system audit process to assess the capabilities of the IT governance process. In the assessment
process COBIT 5 there are two important steps namely data collection and data validation. But both steps are
still done by taking samples from factual data randomly to be analyzed. It can not yet represent the whole
business process because there may be important data that the auditor does not take because it is not a sample
data. As a result, the quality of the results of the assessment process becomes less good because it does not use
the overall data of business processes in real time. Already the auditor should be able to use the entire data, as
in the present era the important data of all business processes are stored in the event log. In this research,
process mining with Flexible Heuristics Miner algorithm utilizes event log to get business process model which
will be implemented to support the assessment process. The result of research by using event log distribution
company obtained a process model that has fitness = 0.983 with threshold parameters DT = 0.6, L1L = 0.98 and
L2L = 0.95. After the process model is implemented in the assessment process obtained the result of a rating
level point of 63.6% (Large Achieved) and the results of potential bottleneck analysis of the results of
enhancement process that can be used for the purposes of audit information system. Thus, the existence of
process mining can be applied to support the information system audit process.