Optimalization of Knowledge Management: Keys To Success In Enhancing Competitiveness of Indonesian Human Resources


  • Nurdiana Mulyatini Lecturer of Economy Faculty, Galuh University, Ciamis, Indonesia and Student of Doctoral Program Management Science, Pasundan University, Bandung,


Industrial globalization, technological advances and information lead organizations to change its strategy and
business paradigm from resources based business to knowledge based business, and from dominant physical
investment become the dominant of intellectual assets.
Knowledge Management is a systematic activity that offers knowledge management in terms of acquisition,
utilizing, sharing, storage, retrieval and development. Therefore, it generates new ideas that impact on an
innovation. Basically knowledge management involves several components of human resources. Those are
technology and organizational processes which are interrelated.
The success of Indonesia's development is measured by the ability of human resources to produce superior
performance and high competitiveness, the competency-based organization must position innovation as an
instrument to win the competition and answer the challenges of globalization through collaboration, innovation,
technological mastery and the ability to manage intellectual assets.
The purpose of this study is to find out the optimalization of knowledge management which is the key to success
in improving human competitiveness.