Measuring the Influence of Customer Experience on Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty Intention and Word of Mouth Behavior Using Customer Experience Quality (EXQ) Model on Telkom’s IndiHome Complaint Handling Process

Brahmandi Andria Sastra, I Indrawati


Marketing practice and research have undergone a series of large-scale transformations over the past 25 years,
shifting focus from creating product brands to building customer relationships through service marketing and
now to creating compelling customer experiences (Gordon 2006 in Maklan & Klaus 2011). Thompson (2015) said
“Customer Experience Is the New Competitive Battlefieldâ€, Greater competition and growing consumer power
have eroded traditional product and service based differentiation, forcing firms to seek new, more durable forms
of competitive advantage.
Customer experience has become one of Telkom's focus, excelling Customer Experience was one of the spirit in
achieving the target of Telkom Group 2016: Assuring Disruptive Triple Double Digit Growth and re-emphasized
by Telkom CEO in early 2017 in Telkom Group 2017 theme: "Disruptive for Triple Double Digit Growth by 2017
through Customer Experience, Digital Business and Smart Inorganic ". But how is the perceived experience of
Telkom’s customers? Do they already have an excellent customer experience from Telkom?
This research was conducted to measure customer experience of IndiHome customers in incident and problem
management using Customer Experience Quality (EXQ) model from Maklan & Klaus (2013). The results of these
measurements are then analyzed to see which variables of IndiHome customer experience have to be improved
to achieve excellent customer experience. The survey respondents are IndiHome customers in Jakarta, Bandung
and Surabaya who have reported their IndiHome incident by conducting online surveys.
The results showed that customer experience of IndiHome customers in incident and problem management
should be improved. The research results also show that customer experience influences important marketing
outcomes, customer satisfaction, loyalty intentions and word of mouth Behavior. Consequently, Telkom must
immediately prepare appropriate steps to carry out continual improvement in IndiHome's incident and problem
management in order to improve Telkom customer experience.

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