The Role Of Internal Control Sales In Increasing Revenues In Madani Company

Eva Faridah, Ali Muhidin


This study aimed at analyzing the implementation of internal control sales, income levels, and analyze the role
of internal control sales in increasing revenue at Cikoneng Madani Company. The results of this study are
expected to contribute to the development of theory related to accounting and management as a system of
knowledge and also as a practice of internal control in a company.
The research method that researchers employed is descriptive method. Data collection techniques are by way
of documentation, observation and research literature. While the data analysis technique is done by: 1). Analyze
descriptively the implementation of internal control of sales; 2). Analyze descriptively on income level; 3).
Analyze descriptively the role of internal control of sales in increasing revenue.
The results showed that the internal control of sales that have been implemented by Cikoneng Ciamis Madani
companies play a positive role in increasing revenue.

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