Supply Chain Performance Analysis on Small Medium Enterprises Using Supply Chain Performance Assessment Tool (SCPAT)


  • Ratih Hendayani School of Economics and Business Telkom University Bandung
  • Suci Fariani Utami Sarianto School of Economics and Business Telkom University Bandung


Global competition that driven by the agreement such Asean China Free Trade Area (ACFTA), impact the small
medium enterprise in each group member of ACFTA should compete each other. Indonesia as one of ACFTA
member should increase their industry competitive advantage including their small medium enterprise
competitive advantage to compete other ACFTA member. Supply chain strategy can be applied to enhance
competitive advantage and in order to reassure that the supply chain has been performed well, it is necessary
to engage a performance appraisal. This research is a quantitative research, with the confirmatory type of study
to evaluate the supply chain performance of Sentra Industri Rajut Binong Jati Bandung using Supply Chain
Performance Assessment Tool (SCPAT). There are 60 business units as the research sample. The samples are
then grouped into three groups, namely Top Unit Usaha Rajut, Average Unit Usaha Rajut and Small Unit Usaha
Rajut. The results showed that the cost dimension performance is above the average level, the time dimension
is at the level of the average, while the performance of reliability dimension is low.