An Investigation Into Tourist Experience of Cultural Tourism Attraction


  • Nono Wibisono Business Administration Department, Bandung State Polytechnic
  • Dwi Suhartanto Business Administration Department, Bandung State Polytechnic


Tourist experience is a critical issue for every tourism places as it is one of the key influences on the holiday
decision-making process. Academic literature on tourist experience draws attention to that the concept of
‘experience’ has multifaceted meanings and different interpretations. Nonetheless, the received view remains
that the experience may be measured and captured using standard instruments. This research develops our
understanding of tourist experience through the tourist ‘do and see’ at a tourism places. Building on a
quantitative method design, the framework is tested using a study of cultural attraction in Bandung, West Java,
Indonesia. This methodology was used a large scale survey with 404 respondents in order to provide accounts
of experiences. The survey was distributed to domestic tourist’s who have visited to Bandung, especially at
Saung Udjo’s as a cultural attraction place.
The result shows that in terms of experience of the place from the visitors remains relatively good. The
predominant experience of place was positive; the strongest dimensions of Saung Udjo, are ‘make me
understand something new, to increase my knowledge about a Sundanese culture, and give me an experience
of learning Sundanese culture’. A key outcome from this finding shows that the tourist experience can be created
from the real experiences. This analysis can provide a framework for destination marketing.