Quality Assurance System in Politeknik Negeri Bandung: Experience in 2005 - 2017

Herawati Budiastuti, Ediana Sutjiredjeki, Laura Ofelia Astuti


Indonesian higher education institutions indirectly contribute to the high unemployed educated labor. To
seriously reduce this problem, higher education institutions have to conduct all efforts, including enhancement
of higher education quality assurance system so that the higher education institutions capable to produce
educated relevant employees. Through establishment of Law No. 20/2003 about National Education System,
The Indonesian Government fully supports the implementation of quality assurance in higher education
institutions. Three pillars of the higher education quality assurance system that has to be implemented by all
higher education institutions are internal and external quality assurance systems as well as the appropriate data
base pillar. In responding these pillars, Polban shifted its quality assurance educational system from ISO
9001:2008 to become internal quality assurance system. This internal quality assurance system conducted
through internal audits together with external quality assurance system (accreditation) performed by National
Accreditation Body, completed by the appropriate data base are a complete reliable quality assurance system
chosen. “A†level of institutional accreditation was then granted in 2016 as a result of implementation of the
three pillars of the higher education quality assurance system. Research and Community Services Unit (UPPM)
as a supporting unit in conducting research and community services activities followed Polban quality assurance
system to ensure quality assurance of these lecturers’ activities. During implementation of quality assurance
system based on the ISO 9001:2008, UPPM possessed all ISO documentation, i.e. Quality Manual, Procedures,
Work Instruction, and all related Forms supporting all documents. After Polban shifted its quality assurance
system to internal quality assurance system, UPPM also followed and adapted to the institution system. The
documentation prepared during the previous ISO system could still be used as the new documentation with a
little bit adaptation.

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