Technology Acquisition Model In Nationl Pharmaceutical Industry

Evi Sylvia Nurrasjid, Ernie Tisnawati Sule, Ina Primiana, Erie Febrian


Rapid development in the current global economy encourages the Pharmaceutical industry to excel in the
competitive global market. Apart from factors that determine the quality, with a very competitive market the
ability of the pharmaceutical industry strategy to win competition in order to expand the global market becomes
the determining factor. This encourages the company to develop a real strategy to meet the future demand,
one of them by improving innovation. The purpose of this literature study was to identify the effect of innovation
to improve competitiveness in winning solutions to achieve improvement in the company’s performance. The
literature study results showed that innovation on product development performed may affect the
competitiveness of pharmaceutical company. Through innovation it is gained new ideas and improvements to
the gap encountered in the company. Innovation generated in the form of basic research and product
development which could encourage the creation of a new product needed by the market. As a case study
therefore methodology used in this study is descriptive and explanatory methods. The value of this literature
study is to improve the global competitiveness so as to improve the company's performance in winning the
global competition.

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