Corporate Culture And Organizational Commitment Of Training Institution In Indonesia


  • S Sumini Faculty of Economics and Business, Telkom University, Bandung
  • Ade Irma Susanty Faculty of Communication and Business, Telkom University, Bandung


Organizational Commitment is an aspect that plays an important role in an organization. Commitment to the
organization can influence the improvement of effectiveness and efficiency. Employees who have strong
commitment to the organization will show maximum effort in doing the task and believed to dedicate their time,
energy, talents, and loyalty to the organization, compared with employees who do not have a commitment. One
of the factors that affect the organization's commitment is the organization's culture. In this study, the factors
measured include the organizational culture of integrity, enthusiasm, and totality.
This study aims to determine how the culture of an organization that consists of integrity, enthusiasm, and
totality, how is the commitment of the organization, how significant is the influence of organizational culture on
organizational commitment both simultaneously or partially at Training Institution of Indonesia .
The data analysis technique used in this study is path analysis with SPSS for Windows version 22. The study
population is all of the employees of Training Institution of Indonesia with a total sample of 148 employees.
Data were collected using a questionnaire containing 55 items related statement of organizational culture and
organizational commitment.
The analysis results showed that the culture of the organization as a whole amounted to 76.68%, which can be
categorized as strong, with details of the integrity being 80.63%, 73.21% being enthusiasm and 76.12% of the
totality variable. The organizational commitment is categorized to be very strong by the amount of the value of
the percentage 82.46%. The results of path analysis showed that simultaneously organizational culture
significantly influence organizational commitment with the amount of influence amounting to 35.80%. Partially
the variable integrity significantly influence commitment by 28.90%, enthusiasm by -31.50%, and totality by 17.70%.