Business Growth Strategy : Collaboration -Literature Review-

Dani Ramdani, Ina Primiana, Umi Kaltum, Yudi Azis


The characteristic of life is growth, so does the business. An excellent business is a business that is experiencing
growth. Most of researchers believe that business growth occured by implementing a collaborative strategy,
but other researchers doubt on that fact. Researchers also believe that company’s ability such as dynamic
capability and supply chain management can improve growth business performance. By using these
capabilities does collaborative strategy become unnecessary ?. The Journal is intended to explore the different
point of views as well as decribing how the relation between Collaboration and other parameters is. The
method used in this paper is just a literature review which collecting the existed previous researchs, then
reconstructed into a research paradigm for next research. The result of literature reviews creates a
management model that relates between collaborative strategy, competitive strategy, supply chain
management and dynamic capability into a single comprehensive form to improve growth business

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