Business Strategy Based on Opportunity and Unique Competency to Improve Competitive Advantage of Tourism Business in West Java

Santo Dewatmoko, Meydia Hasan, S Sucherly, H Hilmiana


The role of regional creative industries is an integral part of nationwide creative economic development. The
creative economy plays a strategic central role and a significant contribution to creating the added value for the
national and regional economy. However, products of creative industries have not been the prime attractiveness
of West Java. Hence, the region requires some uniqueness as an identity of the attractiveness of tourism in order
to be competitive to other regions. In this sense, West Java needs a business strategy to leverage its competitive
advantage. The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of the developing and exploiting an
opportunity and competency, business strategy, and competitive advantage of the tourism sector in West Java.
This research is a literature review for building literature background for the next phase of research, which will
be an empirical research. The empirical research will be conducted in 27 regencies and cities in West Java. The
expected outputs of this research are some hypotheses about the influence of creative economy, which consist
of developing and exploiting opportunity and unique competency on business strategy and competitive
advantage of the tourism sector in West Java.

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