The Effects of E-service Quality on Customer Online Repurchase Intention Towards E-commerce Marketplace C2C in Indonesia

Aisyah Rahmayanti, Harimukti Wandebori


Recent developments in information communication and technology (ICT) have made the Internet change the way companies do the business and customers purchase the products. It enables users to perform online transactions in the E-commerce platform. The Internet is actively participating in the development of E-commerce market in the world including Indonesia’s Ecommerce market, which is still small and at a very early stage. However, the percentage of share and sales of Indonesia’s Ecommerce market increase remarkably. Customer online repurchase intention has been examined by many prior studies, but the study towards E-commerce specifically marketplace Customer to Customer (C2C) in Indonesia has not been studied. The purpose of this paper is to study the factors that affect online repurchase intention of customers in using Indonesian Ecommerce platform. The proposed hypotheses and research framework underlies in the extended Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). This paper uses descriptive survey by distributing the online questionnaires. The data collected from 476 responses is suggested to be analyzed using regression model to determine the significance of the relationship between the dependent and independent variables. The implication of this study is to provide information for the E-commerce players to deliver the right value to the targeted customers and to retain the customers effectively.

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