The Impact of Website Quality on Information Quality, Value and Loyalty Intention on E-commerce Website

Pupon Artiono, Maya Ariyanti


The growing of internet industry and e-commerce website, then the website is very important role in business activity. E-commerce company that has experienced begin to realize that the main determinant of success is not just to have a website and provide lower prices of goods, but also provide e-commerce website service quality. In this research will study the influence of website quality on the quality of information provided, perceived value as well as the intention to loyal customers (loyalty intentions) of the e-commerce website. Theoritical approach used methods Webqual methods where the variable quality of the website that will be studied is composed Interactivity, Online Completness, Easy of Use, Entertainment and Trust. Data were analyzed by Structural Equation Modelling to show a significant degree by the variable quality of the information. Having a conducted a survey of 410 respondents, the result of data processing showed that quality of the website simultaneously significant effect on the quality of information. Each variable quality website significantly influence the quality information. Information quality significantly influence the perceived value (value) and the positive effect on loyalty intentions. Based on description analysis note that online completeness is a factor that need to be improve. While the factors that most affect the quality of information is entertainment.

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