Measurement of Information Security Awareness Among Social Medi a Twitter Users in Indonesia

Venny Kartikasari, C Candiwan, Yudi Priyadi


Twitter with 320 million active users worldwide, seen as an opportunity for criminals with intent to harm, due to the lack ofusers’ information security awareness. In Indonesia there was a fraud case committed by acollege student using a fake Twitteraccount. The aim of this research is to gain a deeper insight into the level of security awareness among Twitter users inIndonesia based on their group of demographics and knows the relationship between them. The respondent of this researchbelonged to different gender, age, educational backgrounds, employment, income and hours spent on smartphone and PC. Datawas collected and then analysed based on the category of thequestions related to basic awareness, technical awareness,advocacy and responsiveness towards the usage of Twitter. It can be concluded that male Twitter users, aged between 29-39years old, worked as civil servant/private employee, completed postgraduate courses, generated monthly income of above 8million rupiah and spent time on smartphone and PC for 11-20 hours has the highest level ofsecurity awareness. However,Twitter users have to pays more attention in technical setting used in managing their account.

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