Factors Affecting Online Customer - to - Customer Purchase Intention: A Study of Indonesian Customers

Andi Muhammad Iqbal Lamarauna, Minsani Mariani


This paper develops a research framework for analyzing customers’ perceptions of using customer-to-customer (C2C) onlineshop. This paper provides insights into consumer behavior, and the results have important implications for providers ofmarketers, managers, and designers, and system providers of C2C online shop.An empirical investigation was carried out to test the hypotheses. The samples include196respondents. For testing therelationships of the model, Multiple Linear Regression is used. The results show that trust and social influence are keypredictors of acustomer’s intentionto purchase C2C online shop. These findings also indicate, based on gender, only socialinfluence has a significant difference. While based on age, it indicates that only trust has no significant difference.This study not only contributes more understanding of behavior intention theories for researchers, but they also offer usefulknowledge to those involvedin promoting C2C online shopto potential purchasers. The value of the paper is that the resultscouldbe applied to other types of platforms using C2C such as online auction

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