Positioning Analysis of Instant Messaging Aplication Based on User Perception in Indonesia (Studies on BBM, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, LINE, and WA)

Sahreza Rahmana Subiantoro, Indira Rachmawati, Fajar Sidiq Adi Prabowo


The number of the active Internetusers in Indonesia has increased immediately. The activity of instantmessaging get a large part of the activities when accessing theinternet. Business competition in the instantmessaging applications are increasingly competitive. Through this research it will be known how the positioning ofthe five brands of instant messaging applications those are BBM, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, LINE, and WAbased on user perception with attribute subjective norm, curiosity about people, perceived usefulness, perceivedenjoyment, perceived ease of use, conveying emotions, buildingrelationships, perceived user base, perceivedquality system, switching costs, and resistance to change. Thecollection of data with online questionnaires,obtained 402 valid questionnaires. Data processing was performed using SPSS version 20.0. Based on the resultsof data processing, it can be conclude that the profile of respondents dominated by users in the age range 18-35years. The first rank was occupied by LINE and Hangouts in fifth.

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