M easuring M arketing C ommunications M ix E ffort Using M agnitude Of I nfluence A nd I nfluence R ank M etric

Andry Alamsyah, Endang Sofyan, Tsana Hasti Nabila


n the context of modern marketing, Twitter is considered as a communication platform to spread information.Many companies create and acquire several Twitter accounts to support and perform varieties of marketing mixactivities. Initially, each accounts used to capture specific market profile. Together, the accounts create network ofinformation that provide consumer to the information they need depends on their contextual utilization. Frommany accounts available, we have the fundamental question on how to measure influence of each account in themarket based not only their relations, but also the effects of their postings. Magnitude of Influence (MOI) metric isadapted together with Influence Rank (IR) measurement of accounts in their social network neighborhood.We usesocial network analysis approach to analyze 65 accounts in the social network of an Indonesian mobile phonenetwork operator, Telkomsel which involved in marketing communications mix activities through series of relatedtweets.Using socialnetwork provide the idea of the activity in building and maintaining relationships with thetarget audience.This paper shows the results of the most potential accounts based on the network structure andengagement. Based on this research, the more numberof followers one account has, the more responsibility it hasto generate the interaction from their followers in order to achieve the expected effectiveness.The focus of thispaper isto determine the most potential accounts in the application of marketing communications mix in Twitter.

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