The Small World Phenomenon and Network Analysis of ICT Startup Investment in Indonesia and Singapore

Farid Naufal Aslam, Andry Alamsyah


The internet rapid growth, stimulate the emergence of start-up companies based on information technology and telecommunication (ICT) in Indonesia and SIngapore. As the number of start-ups and its investor growth, the network of its relationship become larger and complex, but on other side feel small. Everyonein the ICT start-up investment can be reached in short steps, led to phenomenon called small world phenomenon, a principle that we are all connected by a short chain relationships. We investgate the pattern of the relationship between start-up with its investor and the small world characteristics network analysis methodology. The research is conducted by creating the ICT start-up investment network model of each country and calculate its small world network properties to see the characteristic of the network. Then we compare and analyse the result of each network model. The reult of this research is to give knowledge about the current condition of ICT start-up investment in Indonesia and Singapore. This research is beneficial for business intelligence purpose to support decision making related to ICT start-up investment.

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