Rieka Hutami, Dahlia Febri Astuti


An optimization to supply chain and procurement system management is fundamental for companies to develop a competitive business environment. The internet helps companies to implement e-procurement, a new way of how the activity of supply chain and procurement process being done, but a company culture is playing a big role on how the e-procurement succeed and the culture itself is defined by the company employees. The purpose of this research is to illustrate the effectiveness and the satisfaction value of e-procurement system on XYZ company. This research using statistic descriptive technique and measuring user satisfaction. The data used in this research in gathered by distributing questionnaire to 30 procurement division employees in XYZ company. And there are interviews to improve the validity of the survey.
The result shows, for overall e-procurement process in XYZ company is in very good category with the highest score in the user acceptance of e-procurement system. The lowest score is seen in the monitoring the performance of e-procurement system. Most user think that all dimension is the most important value to be implemented in the e-procurement system as top support management achieved the highest score and the lowest score was on user acceptance of e-procurement system value and monitoring the performance of e-procurement system value. According to the satisfaction post analysis, the overall response of the user is not all of them satisfied. The highest positive feedback is achieved by user acceptance of e-procurement system value, and the most negative feedback was achieved by the monitoring the performance of e-procurement system value.


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