I Indrawati, Fandi Kurnia Putra, Husni Amani


Population growth in the city of Bandung has resulted an increase in problems that arise in people's lives, problems in government such as complicated bureaucracy make people reluctant to do the licensing process directly and prefer to use links or brokers. The concept of smart city is a solution to problems related to governance such as the accumulation of licensing and complicated bureaucracy. The Bandung City Government is continuing to implement the smart city concept, especially the smart governance. This effort is shown by listed the smart government program in the regional strategic plan. Bandung’government has put priority of public services in accordance with the laws and regulations, in order to realize the city vision and increase the general welfare. This study aims to determine the smart government index of Bandung city. Resource persons of this study are selected from quadruple helix area, namely government, business people, researchers and experts. The results of this study are the value of Bandung's smart governance index which is 69.41. This value shows that the implementation of Bandung's smart governance is bad, needs a lot of improvement, but still within reasonable limits
Keywords: Smart city, smart governance, Bandung, Indonesia.


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