• Reza Ashari Nasution School of Business and Management Bandung Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia
  • Kanya Ramyacitta Mahaperdana School of Business and Management Bandung Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia


Responding to the increasing trend of food delivery and the busy lifestyle of urban Indonesia consumer, players in this food delivery are arising and one of the new players is Eatever, an Indonesian food start-up offering an online platform that provide catering lunch and delivery service for Indonesia urban consumer. In contrast with the positive growth of food delivery market share, Eatever experience a declining sale from retail customer due to declining users.
This study evaluates external and internal condition as well as value proposition canvas to explore the issue. The finding shows that, on external factor, competitors among strategic groups provides four values which Eatever lack of. On internal factor and value proposition canvas, Eatever values that are built in product & services, pain reliever, and gain creators have not addressed customer emotional and social jobs, pains, and gains, which shown in the value proposition canvas.
This study design and propose new value proposition that address customer emotional and social jobs, pains, and gains as well as outperform the competition. Designing value proposition is conducted based on high value jobs, strategic group, and benchmarking. Based on value proposition design, this study proposed new value proposition for Eatever that are built on five new gain creators, which are 1) team lunch and sharing menu, 2) nutritious food ingredient, 3) fix & customized catering menu, 4) on demand menu, and 5) give tips/motivating message. These new gain creators can create customer social and emotional gains, thus address jobs related. It is expected to make Eatever outperform the competition as it fulfills 10 great value proposition criteria.
Keywords: Food Delivery; Online Catering; Industry Analysis; Customer Profile; Competitor Analysis; Strategic Group; Business Model; Customer Value Proposition; Value Map; Value Proposition Canvas; Value Proposition Design.