Iwan Setiawan, Risna Kartika, K Kasman


Purpose - The sustainability of entrepreneurship in the tourism sector is very dependent on the process of synergy between tourism actors who have an orientation towards tourism sustainability. For this continuity, surely, a rail is needed in the form of a strategy that allows for the right direction. Thus, the aim of this paper is to develop a conceptual model for studying sustainable entrepreneurship in the tourism sector through the development of value creation strategies. Methodology. In the process of developing the model, the authors take an existing model which is then developed through analysis of literature that is considered to support the research objectives Findings - The proposed model provides a systematic and systematic view of entrepreneurial sustainability in the tourism sector and contains various levels of analysis through value creation strategies to maintain sustainability in tourism.
Originality/value - The suggested model is a step towards sustainable entrepreneurial measurement in tourism through a value creation strategy, so as to make a valuable contribution to future research design. This paper provides an important foundation for innovative, responsible and sustainable policymaking in the tourism sector
Katakunci : Sustainable Entrepreneurship; Value Creation Strategy, Tourism.


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