The Effect of Proactive Flow on Network Downtime in Software Defined Network Using Opendaylight Controller


  • Rendy Munadi Telkom University
  • Danu Dwi Sanjoyo Telkom University
  • Hana Rizky Herdika Telkom University


Abstract—Computer vision is one of the favorite research topics recently, This paper will analyze the effect of proactive flow on network downtime when there is a link failure. The network is designed using a data center network model and OpenDaylight as SDN controller. Proactive flow has global view of the network before the first packet arrives. Refers to that, the changes of the network when sending packets will have an impact on the continuity of packets transmission. The result shows that downtime due to the link failure during packets transmission is 3.5 seconds.

Keywords— Software Defined Network, OpenFlow, OpenDaylight, Proactive Flow