Various Decorative Leaf Tendrils On Batik Datulaya In Paradox Perspective


  • Syarip Hidayat Telkom University


Decorative vine leaves during the spread of Islam in Indonesia, developed not only in buildings but in batik, design of batik Datulaya including one with a decorative vine leaf development. Datulaya is the meaning of the words, Datu meaning prince, laya means shelter, which means the place of residence / family room layout in the Sultanate of Banten. Batik Datulaya seen through the perspective of a paradox, having seen meaning of the pattern machete / diagonal. The inclined plane is a pattern of significant antagonistic duality paradox. The paradox can be seen through the basic patterns of relationships with existing systems, so that the pattern contained in this batik there are a lot of division, here it is clear that the batik makers want to show the power of the region.

Keywords: Aesthetic Paradox, Batik, Batik Banten Datulaya, Vine Leaf Ornament.