The Analysis Of Utilization Of Brocade Fabric’s Leftover Through A Skill Training Approach At A Vocational School


  • Citra Puspitasari Telkom University


Fabric’s leftover which is obtained from the process of production in the textile and fashion industries have diverse of variety, one kind of them is fabric’s leftover of lace. This is one kind of fabric which is easily found in the clothing production house. Generally in Indonesia, lace is one kind of fabric that is often used to make Kebaya, which is a traditional dress of women in Java island. Beside Kebaya, lace usually used for gown or dress. This project take a part on developing the design and creativity of the material processing techniques as an alternatives ways to use the residual material of lace fabric. On the process, there is collaboration with Textile Craft study program, 14 Bandung Vocational School. Vocational School (SMK) is a school that has aim to generate graduates who are ready to work in the community either independently or not. The request of human resources from the industry for activity-based working practices knitting and crochet industry is rising within a period of two years, while based on the curriculum which has implemented there is no matter about knitting and crochet. Besides upgrading the chances in the development of lace residual, through this research project there is addition knowledge for the vocational school student so they can be well prepared for employment practices in crochet industry

Key Words : Crochet, Lace, Textile Waste, Vocational School