Exploring And Interpreting The Spirituality Values In The Works Of Indonesian Arts (Case Study: The Art Works Of Amrizal Salayan)


  • Didit Endriawan Telkom University
  • Yelly Andriani Barlian Telkom University


The spiritual experience of an individual must be different from one to another. The word „spirituality‟ itself has two understandings, namely personal spirituality and religious spirituality. Personal spirituality is considered to be one‟s experience that has an impact on his personal awareness which affects his behavior and attitudes, regardless of any religion he has. While religious spirituality is believed as one‟s experience that has a connection with his religion, thus it influences his behavior and attitudes. For particular artists, spiritual experience has special substance in their life phases. It inspires them to create their masterpieces. One of Indonesian professional artists whose works are laden with spiritual values is Amrizal Salayan. Undoubtedly, his masterpieces in each exhibition he followed had presented contemplative visual forms, such as his art works entitled “Manusia Daun Pisang†(Banana Leaf Man), “Ia Ada dengan Ketiadaannya†(There He is with His Absence), and others. With the approaches of Islamic aesthetics and visual language, this research focuses on Amrizal Salayan‟s works to be studied the spiritual values contained therein.

Keywords: spirituality, art works, Indonesian artist, Islamic aesthetics, visual language