Vernacular Value Of Kampung Kota ( Case Studi At Kampung Ulu Sattlement Of Musi River, Palembang City)


  • Rangga Firmansyah Telkom University


Palembang have geographically divided into two by the Musi river area and Seberang Ulu &Seberang Ilir is a lowland area affected puddles. As an old city, Palembang has a number of important relics containedin the entire area of the city of Palembang in the form of traditional houses that have a typical Limas. The geographicalcondition of the region have an influence on the form of a house in Kampung Ulu Palembang region, covering aspectsof architecture, construction , building materials and philosophies. Although some types of traditional houses have ahouse on stilts, but each house has a different type of adaptive structure systems against the surrounding environment.
Keywords: Vernacular, Settlement, Kampung Kota, Building Materials, Climate, Typology.