Influence Dutch Colonial To Nobility Bugis House In Soppeng South Sulawesi Indonesia


  • Andi Abidah Vienna University of Technology


Bugis house in Soppeng are object my research doctoral study in University of Technology Wien. Soppeng is one of region occupied by bugis people position of District of Soppeng is in South Sulawesi In Indonesia. In the past Kingdom of Soppeng area was one of region where Dutch colonial build place or house for Queen of Dutch the house is called villa of Juliana. At the time Dutch regulation of Bugis nobility is the nobility do not have servant people (ata/hamba), nobility and ordinary people have the same rank while Dutch is higher rank beside that nobility house and ordinary house do not have different of element housing (all element of bugis house have to removed).
Several the nobility house is still survive until now and become historical evidence that Dutch colonial has influence bugis nobility house in Indonesia.
Keyword : Influence of Dutch, Bugis House, form and element house