Glocalizer in Persib Supporters T-Shirt Design


  • Muhammad Hidayattuloh Telkom University
  • Yayat Sudaryat Telkom University


As garments are often used by the public, t-shirt has experienced a shift function. At first, the t- shirt is a garment which serves as a means of closing the body has been shifted to a medium of expression or identity of a person through a design that is placed on the surface. As a medium of expression, the surface of the  T-shirt  printed  with  a  design  that  contains  images  and  text  to  express  ideas  wearer.    Looking  at  the history, t-shirts brought by colonial during the war of independence and gradually accepted by the people of Indonesia. In football, t-shirts used by supporters as an attribute in the defense of the team they support. This also  applies  to  the  fans  who  defended  the  team  PERSIB  Bandung.  In  its  design,  PERSIB  supporters  often uses  elements  of  local  culture  in  the  design  in  the  form  of  images,  language,  or  text.  Theoretically,  the placement of local elements which show the characteristics of a particular culture in various forms of global element  is  a  form  of  glocalization  /  glocalizer.  In  other  words,  glocalization  /  glocalizer  package  the  local form  became  global.    The  method  used  in  this  research  using  descriptive  method,  which  aims  to systematically describe the facts or a particular field in a factual and accurate. In this paper, the author will explain the various forms of glocalizer present in PERSIB supporters t-shirt.

Keywords: Glocalizer, PERSIB Supporters, T-shirt.