Character Transformation Of Cepot


  • Zaini Ramdhan Telkom University
  • Yayat Sudaryat Telkom University


In the comparison of visual transformation punakawan puppet characters, that there are some ideas imaging of the existing character creation through manga matrix theory that the application of a combination of the idea of the shape, form, and composition in it. The character Kemudiaan processed such that the basic formulation of the idea of creating a character through animated films remained quite familiar and facilitate identification of changes that occur, either form became known and easily recognizable appreciators. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative interpretative method. Generally, this research is to find the values obtained from sebuat creative process and the interrelationship when the work is up to appreciators. Creativity in terms of personalizing the creator of the scope.

Keywords: Transformation, punakawan puppet characters, cepot