Moving Video Camera Base on Expression Dancer Move and Kinesphere


  • NRA Candra DA Indonesia Institute of the Arts in Surakarta
  • Nur Rokhim Indonesia Institute of the Arts in Surakarta
  • Ranang AS Indonesia Institute of the Arts in Surakarta
  • Muji Soewasta Indonesia Institute of the Arts in Surakarta


Video has become the medium of choice for documenting work of dancing performed in limited space and time. Nevertheless, there is something that most people still miss in creating the video work of a dance, that is the reduced dance expression that is expressed by the dancers. Visual dance in a video camera is just as a spectacular "spectator" that is translated by the eyes of a videographer. The video camera has not been positioned as a dancer and the purpose of the dance movement itself. The videographer has not looked at the dancer as a reference for the visualization of his video work. Though the dancer also has a conception and expression embodied in the movement of her dance. Through this research, the researcher is interested to reveal the expression of dance movement through the medium of art video, by trying to bring together the dance / choreographer's conception of motion and visual conception of videographer. This artistic research uses an experimental research approach. The research procedure is carried out in two stages: Analysis and Development / Pro - duction. The analysis involves the identification and studying of the object of the research (dance movement) and the formulation of motion concept based on the motion of dance. The result of research show that the placement of a video camera (blocking video camera) should really be considered and used when in some parts of the dance movements, especially fast and quick movements, moving from one point to another. The selection of certain types of shots like Close Up, Medium Close Up and others are used when there are dance movements, especially those that use flexibility of hand motion, feet, and even the expression of the dancer's face.


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