The Role of Visual Aids in Corporate Annual Reports in Drawing Wider Audience Internally


  • Mochammad Surjo Koentjoro Universitas Indonesia
  • Firman Kurniawan Sujono Universitas Indonesia


As obligations go, the designing, writing and creating process of Corporate Annual Reports has always been viewed as something that is burdensome and exciting. It describes what the company has achieved during the last year, and the people creating it is under pressure to get all the details right. All the important and relevant information about the company need to be in the report and all must be presented correctly. The result is a book that is complete, comprehensive, but often very detailed and tedious to read. While that is the objective of the creating of the Corporate Annual Report, only few of the members of the organization are interested in reading it, thereby missing out on many important information,. This is despite Annual Reports were designed, created, and presented in a way that is as visually engaging as possible. The researcher’s aim, using Observations and Literature Review was to investigate the role of Visual Aids in Corporate Annual Reports in drawing a wider internal audience.


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